PLC History

 PLC development began in 1968 in response to a request from an US car manufacturer (GE). The first PLCs were installed in industry in 1969.

Communications abilities began to appear in approximately 1973. They could also be used in the 70’s to send and receive varying voltages to allow them to enter the analog world.

The 80’s saw an attempt to:
standardize communications with manufacturing automation protocol (MAP), reduce the size of the PLC, and making them software programmable through symbolic programming on personal computers instead of dedicated programming terminals or handheld programmers.

The 90’s have seen a gradual reduction in the introduction of new protocols, and the modernization of the physical layers of some of the more popular protocols that survived the 1980’s.

The latest standard “IEC 1131-3” has tried to merge plc programming languages under one international standard. We now have PLCs that are programmable in function block diagrams, instruction lists, C and structured text all at the same time.