Important online PLC and Automation resources

There are several places online that are extremely of value for the Automation engineer and student. This is a short  list I have assembled. I will add and/or remove links in the future as needed.

  1. Siemens PLC page, much needed details about the Siemens controllers.
  2. Siemens Automation control systems.
  3. Siemens 27-200 Automation system: technical info, ordering, support and training.
  4. SIMATIC software page.
  5. Rockwell controllers.

Also, you can check out automation news on google news search engine. Furthermore, If you are an engineering student and would like educational material, you can find plenty of notes/sildes on many collages web sites, add terms like “ppt” or “pdf” to your original keywords in google when searching for your material. You will find plenty of useful examples, charts, tables, and illustrations on many engineering subjects.