CoDeSys is the acronym of Controller Development System. It is a development program which enables the user to create visualizations of the operations and processes of the applications. CoDeSys contains an integrated visualization system which is unique and very useful. Its applications of programiming controllers are built according to the International indsutrial standadrs.
CodeSys software is easy to install and is freely available from the company’s site.

This software enables the operator to draw a visual chart of the controller’s data and can watch and assess the performance easily. No additional tools are required for this software. A manual comes with the software which contains all the information and it has integrated visual program.

The credit of developing CoDeSys goes to the software company located in Germany and its most recent version was released by the company in 1994. Five programming languages are used in CoDeSys which enable the programming of different applications.

The five programing languages of CoDeSys software include two textual editors, and three graphical editors that are comprehensively explained in IEC standards. Textual editors comprise of an instruction list which is a type of programming language, and a structure test which has similar programing like PASCAL or C.

The graphical editor has three units, ladder diagram (LD), Function block diagram (FBD,) and sequential function chart (SFC). The user can combine the contacts and coils with the use of LD and FBD which will provide ease of rapid programing of analogue and Boolean expressions. Thridly SFC enables the user to conveniently program the sequential processes of the application.

Function Chart of CoDeSys
Apart from these five, there is another additional graphical editor in CoDeSys which is not included in IEC standard protocol and it is called the Continues Function Chart (CFC). It can be seen as the extension of the function block diagram editor. In FBD, the connections are set automatically by the operators but in CFC they have to be drawn manually by the programmer. It also gives free hand to the programmer as all the boxes can be placed freely and feedback loops can be programmed without the use of interim variables.